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xué shēng mén hǎo

nǐ mén hěn bàng ! We covered L1 and basic greetings, pinyin, tones. Awesome job! It’s not easy to cover all but we will review again next time.

The test is like a 1-pager and it’s open book (meaning anything you want to open). I’ll also have individual pronunciation checks.

Usually, I don’t give out my ppt but since some of you are new and it’s the first lesson. I’ve attached my L1 ppt for reference.

Greetings of the Day in Chinese Song
Optional: Times of Day in Chinese | Learn Chinese Now
Review L1 on Textbook (aka TB) website (IE compatible)
Join Whatsapp group:
Exit Ticket
Download PLECO, an English-Chinese dictionary with multiple functtions; QR Code Scanner
9/16 L1 kǎo shì
World Language Games link
Digital Pronunciation download

Best Regards,

xuéshēng mén hǎo ,
nǐmén hěn máng ma ?
wǒ hěn xǐhuān jiāo (teach) nǐmén zhōngwén. nǐmén yǒu wèntí ma ?
I’ll continue to share announcements with you via email, whatsapp and here.
You can always find them in class as well.

Let me know if you have Qs!
Have fun learning.

píng lǎoshī


Lesson Plans
Week #DateLessonHomework
1August 19Introduce PinYin, greetingsLesson 1 Vocabularies PinYin
Preview L1
2August 26No ClassLesson 1&2 Vocabularies PinYin
3September 9
starts at 1:30pm
4September 16Lesson 2: Greeting; Quiestions
Listen to CD
5September 23Lesson 3: This/ That; Numbers
Listen to CD
6September 30Lesson 4: To go
Listen to CD
7October 7L4-5 
8October 14Lesson 5: Who; Come/ go
Listen to CD
9October 21No ClassHolidays
10October 28L5-6Listen to CD
11November 4L6Listen to CD
12November 11L6-7Listen to CD
13November 18Lesson 7Listen to CD
14November 25No School
Thanksgiving break
Happy Thanksgiving!
15December 2Oral Presebtation Review
Final Exam Review
16December 9No ClassEnjoy your break!