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xuéshēng mén hǎo ,
nǐmén hěn máng ma ?
wǒ hěn xǐhuān jiāo (teach) nǐmén zhōngwén. nǐmén yǒu wèntí ma ? qǐng wèn wǒ

We had a great class learning/reviewing zài/ lái/ qù/ huí +PW; VOs, SV, Adv.
Record the sentences you made for zài/ lái/ qù/ huí +PW and VOs, SV, Adv from the handouts and email/whatsapp (7208001009) me.
Practice with your DVD that came with the book.
You may also use the flashcards I shared last time.
Google translate can be a great tool to listen to the sounds.

Some asked me for online resources, so I put some links here FYI.
Yoyo Chinese
Mandarin MadeEZ by ChinesePod
CrazyFreshChinese (She teaches both Mandarin and English)
Learn Chinese Now
Off the Great Wall (culture)
Shopping from a song

Attached the L7 handouts that you can copy and paste to google translate for pronunciation.五百字說華語 L7.pdf?dl=0

Let me know if you have Qs!

píng lǎoshī


Lesson Plans
Week #DateLessonHomework
Week 1January 7Introduction, Review, FeedbackWLG: Vocab 5p; Sentences 5p
Review: L1-6
Write down the answers for the Qs
1/14 No Class
Week 2January 21L7: Measure Words (MW), Stative Verbs (SV), bigger numbers 100+WLG: vocab 5p, sentence 5p
Write down the answers for the Qs
Week 3January 28L7: Adverbs, countries and languages, Review
Write down the answers for the Qs
Week 4February 4L8WLG:
Week 5February 11L8, L9WLG:
2/18 No Class
Week 6February 18No Class 
Week 7February 25
Lantern Festival
L9, L10WLG:
Week 8March 4Review, Mid-termWLG:
Week 9March 11L11WLG:
Week 10March 18L11, L12 
Week 11April 8L12, L13
Speech Contest
4/1 Easter, No Class
Week 12April 15L13 
Week 13April 22L13, 14 
Week 14April 29L14 
Week 15May 6L15,
Final Review, Finals
(Week 16)

Optional Make-up Day
May 13