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親愛的同學們 (亲爱的同学们)qīn ài de tóng xué men (Dear students),
親愛的同學們 (亲爱的同学们)qīn ài de tóng xué men (Dear students),

Wow! You were awesome this afternoon! Thanks so much for your participation. We finished Lesson 13 vocabulary and learned the Chinese version of ”Friday”. I hope you all liked it. I will send the lyrics of the song in a separate email later, so you can learn the song better.

Just a gentle reminder here. If you haven’t had a chance to take both Online Test I and Online Test II for your final, please get this done by mid-night today.

Homework for this week, please earn 30 points by reviewing Lesson 13 vocabulary. If you are already good at the content and happen to have extra time, please feel free to practice Lesson 13 sentences in ”Review”.

We will have our last class of this semester for this Sunday. The class will start at 4:00 P.M. as always, and please feel free to invite your parents, kids, and/or even grandchildren, to join our class at 5:00 P.M. We will be learning a song to celebrate Mother’s/Father’s Day, and then we will have a little virtual award ceremony.

下星期天見(下星期天见)xià xīng qī tiān jiàn!(See you next Sunday!)

陳老師(陈老师)chén lǎoshī (Teacher Chen)

Absences: Maru, Ian, and Bolor


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