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Dear C5 Class,

It was so nice to see most of you on week 11. We had completed textbook lesson 5 from page 50 to 55, and we also finished workbook page 77 to 78. We watched a short clip about how paper was invented, here is the link if you want to watch with your students at home: In the next two weeks we will start to wrap up everything we have learned from lesson 1 to 5 and I will introduce the radical/indexing component (偏旁與部首)of Chinese characters.

Week #11 Homework:
1. 習作第五課 Lesson 5 Workbook p79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84.
2. Read sentences practices on Textbook p50, 51 閱讀及朗讀課本第五十、五十一頁句子練習 and voice record it by using ”VOCAROO”. Please click ”save” once you finish recording, it will bring you to a dialogue, please choose ”email” then send to my email:
Here is the link for VOCAROO:
If students have any trouble in recording the voice message on Vocaroo, just email me indicates that they had read those text to you.

Week #12 Quiz: 幫、痛、順、作、破、廢、效、司

Stay warm and see you all on 11/18.

CCLS C5 Instructor,
Angie Chihchi Sun


Lesson Plans
Week #DateLessonHomework
108/19/2018第一課 Lesson 1√ 第一課 第一週作業 Lesson 1 workbook, week one (p1-6)
208/26/2018第一課 Lesson 1√ 第一課 第二週和第三週作業 Lesson 1 workbook, week two and three.
√ WLG 20 points
 09/02/2018No School-Labor Day weekend 
309/09/2018第二課 Lesson 2√ 第二課 Lesson 2 Workbook p.19-23, 35
√ Read Textbook p.18-19 閱讀及朗讀課本第十八、十九頁
√ WLG 20 points
409/16/2018第二課 Lesson 2√ 第二課 Lesson 2 Workbook p.25-30, 36
√ Please read Textbook p.22-25
509/23/2018第三課 Lesson 3√ 第三課 Lesson 3, page 37, 38, 40, 41, 43 and 46.
√ Earn WLG 20 points
609/30/2018第三課 Lesson 3√ 三張作業練習紙,Complete the Three review worksheets and bring to class.
√ Earn WLG 20 points
√ Study lesson 1 to 3
710/07/2018第三課 Lesson 3
期中考 Mid-term exam
No homework
810/14/2018第四課 Lesson 4√ Workbook p49-59
√ Earn WLG 20 points
 10/21/2018No School 
910/28/2018第四課 Lesson 4
第五課 Lesson 5 p46-47
√We reviewed last weeks new words, learned some new phrases and played world language game
√Homework: please finish workbook page 60, 61, 62, 64, 72
1011/04/2018review Lesson 4
第五課 Lesson 5
√Finished lesson 4
√Please finish workbook page 73, 74, 75, 76

√Please earn 20 points from WLG.
1111/11/2018第五課 Lesson 5√Please finish workbook page 79 and 83.
√Please earn 20 points from WLG.
√For quiz, please also answer the following questions--

1. 明明要送給父母親什麼聖誕節禮物?
2. 青青要送給她的父母什麼禮物呢?
3. 今年的聖誕節,你要送誰禮物?
4. 你喜歡去超級市場買菜嗎?
1211/18/2018第五課 Lesson 5√Please finish workbook page 81, 82, 89 and 90. Many of you have already finished the first three pages during the class.
√ WLG 50 points this week.
√We will have 20 definition multiple choice questions this coming Sunday.
 11/25/2018No School--Thanksgiving Weekend 
1312/02/2018第五課 Lesson 5√WLG 50 points
√Fill out supplied worksheets
(worksheets will be emailed out on or before Thanksgiving)
√Bring your favorite device to take an On-Line Test on Sunday December the 6th.
1412/09/2018期末考 Final exam