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Hi C5/C6 Class,

This week we learned a Chinese Idiom 井底之蛙 on our textbook, we also learned another Idiom which has similar meaning as the one on textbook, 坐井觀天. Students had a quiz on week 2 characters, most of them not only wrote those characters neatly but also wrote them in correct stoke orders! I’m so proud of them! We completed a sentence rely by using our lesson 1 words and students wrote a paragraph by combing their sentences, we had so much fun!

The characters of week 3 are as follows: 談、整、報、紙、視、底、之、故

Week #3 Homework:
1. 習作第二課 Lesson 2 Workbook p.19-23, 35
2. Read Textbook p.18-19 閱讀及朗讀課本第十八、十九頁 and voice record it by using ”VOCAROO”. Please click ”save” once you finish recording, it will bring you to a dialogue, please choose ”email” then send to my email:
Here is the link for VOCAROO:
3. WLG 50 points

Week #4 Quiz:
Listen and write: textbook, p18: 生字(談、整、報、紙、視、底、之、故)

Angie 老師
CCLS C5/C6 Instructor


Lesson Plans
Week #DateLessonHomework
108/19/2018第一課 Lesson 1√ 第一課 第一週作業 Lesson 1 workbook, week one (p1-6)
208/26/2018第一課 Lesson 1√ 第一課 第二週和第三週作業 Lesson 1 workbook, week two and three.
√ WLG 50 points
 09/02/2018No School-Labor Day weekend 
309/09/2018第二課 Lesson 2√ 第二課 Lesson 2 Workbook p.19-23, 35
√ Read Textbook p.18-19 閱讀及朗讀課本第十八、十九頁
√ WLG 50 points
409/16/2018第二課 Lesson 2√ 第二課 Lesson 2 Workbook p.25-30, 36
√ Please read Textbook p.22-25
509/23/2018第三課 Lesson 3√ 第三課 Lesson 3, page 37, 38, 40, 41, 43 and 46.
√ Earn WLG 50 points
609/30/2018第三課 Lesson 3√ 三張作業練習紙,Complete the Three review worksheets and bring to class.
√ Earn WLG 50 points
√ Study lesson 1 to 3
710/07/2018第三課 Lesson 3
期中考 Mid-term exam
√ 第三課 Lesson 3, page 42, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53 and 54.
810/14/2018第四課 Lesson 4√ 第三課 Lesson 4, page 55, 56, 57, 61, and 62.
√ Earn WLG 50 points
 10/21/2018No School 
910/28/2018第四課 Lesson 4√We reviewed last weeks new words, learned some new phrases, completed three pages of homework in class and played a game.
√Homework: please finish page 63, 64 and 72, attached worksheet (5 making sentence questions), and earn 40 points from WLG.
1011/04/2018第四課 Lesson 4√Finished lesson 4

√There are three parts of the homework for these two weeks.
√First part, please finish workbook page 60, 66, 67, 68, 69 and 70.

√Second, please earn 80 points from WLG.

√Third, please write in our WLG Class Blog.
1111/11/2018第五課 Lesson 5√Please finish workbook page 73, 74, 75, 76, 79 and 83.
√Please earn 40 points from WLG.
√For quiz, please also answer the following questions--

1. 明明要送給父母親什麼聖誕節禮物?
2. 青青要送給她的父母什麼禮物呢?
3. 今年的聖誕節,你要送誰禮物?
4. 你喜歡去超級市場買菜嗎?
1211/18/2018第五課 Lesson 5√Please finish workbook page 81, 82, 89 and 90. Many of you have already finished the first three pages during the class.
√ WLG 50 points this week.
√We will have 20 definition multiple choice questions this coming Sunday.
 11/25/2018No School--Thanksgiving Weekend 
1312/02/2018第五課 Lesson 5√WLG 50 points
√Fill out supplied worksheets
(worksheets will be emailed out on or before Thanksgiving)
√Bring your favorite device to take an On-Line Test on Sunday December the 6th.
1412/09/2018期末考 Final exam